Welcome to SDB Mastering: we're a full-service professional studio in Europe providing high quality audio mastering services.


SDB Mastering is a full-service mastering studio, providing attended mastering sessions and online mastering services. SDB Mastering is the mastering division of Estúdios Sá da Bandeira, one of Portugal's largest independent recording facilities. In total, we have 2 separate recording studios spread across two storeys - plus our mastering room - all built upon a late XIX century building. We have free wifi, kitchen and lounge - plus all the coffee you can handle - so if you're attending we'll make sure you'll be comfortable during your session.

Our mastering room was built from ground up to serve as a mastering studio. It's fully treated and decoupled - built in a room within a room type of configuration - all to ensure a quiet and accurate monitoring environment. Along with a reference monitoring system by ATC and acoustically neutral furniture by Sterling Modular, our room provides a revealing listening experience, key to what a mastering studio should all be about.

Regarding our tools, SDB Mastering is outfitted with a mix of custom analogue gear built by our staff, high-end equipment from known manufacturers and various digital tools from brands such as Mytek, Dangerous Music, elysia, Sonoris, DMG Audio, Weiss, TDR and iZotope. We can work with both analogue and digital sources, including 1/4" tape, DSD sources up to 11.2MHz, DXD audio, PCM audio files up to 768kHz/64bit or even other older formats such as ADAT and DAT tapes.

All engineering work at our mastering room is done by Miguel Marques, who was the owner and mastering engineer at Bender Mastering Studio before partnering with Estúdios Sá da Bandeira and joining SDB Mastering. Besides his work as a mastering engineer, Miguel is also the author of Sistemas e Técnicas de Produção Áudio, a pro audio book written in Portuguese for recording and mixing engineers.

Gear List

Monitoring & AD/DA

  • ATC SCM50ASL Pro
  • beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro
  • RME ADI-2 Pro
  • Mytek Brooklyn DAC

Analogue Equipment

  • Dangerous Music BAX
  • Dangerous Music Compressor
  • elysia xpressor
  • elysia xfilter x2
  • elysia karacter

DAW & Software

  • Reaper 5
  • HOFA DDP Player Maker
  • iZotope RX 6 Advanced & Insight
  • FuzzMeasure 4

Tape & Playback

  • Enertec Schlumberger F500
  • Digitec F500
  • ADAT, DAT & K7 Decks

Digital Tools

  • Softube Weiss DS1-MK3
  • DMG Audio Essence, Limitless & EQuilibrium
  • Sonoris Mastering Compressor
  • TDR Kotelnikov GE, SlickEQ M, SlickEQ GE & Nova GE
  • u-he Presswerk & Satin


CD Mastering

We offer audio mastering services from both analogue or digital sources, using digital and/or analogue signal paths. We can also produce verified physical masters or digital DDP images for CD duplication, to ensure you’ll get an high quality product at the end of this production stage.

Vinyl Mastering

We have experience in mastering audio for vinyl and not only we can prepare your audio for the best cutting possible, we can also arrange orders for producing dubplates, reference cuts or master lacquers.

Web & Mastered For iTunes

We can master your audio for web, video and for all online music platforms. This way, we'll make sure your music will sound at its best regardless of the playback platform or format. We're also a certified "Mastered For iTunes" mastering studio by Apple and we can master your record following the specifications for this program.

Audio Restoration

We also provide audio restoration services and format conversions, including converting old analogue tapes and vinyl records to digital formats. From removing noise from electric guitar tracks to completely restoring old analogue tapes we are prepared to successfully handle most restoration requests.

What's Mastering?

Mastering is the final step before the distribution or manufacturing of a music record and is, therefore, one of the most important stages of audio production. It is the final chance to get everything to sound as great as it can sound, in a wide range of different playback systems and formats.

Mastering is the process of converting mixes to records and prepare them to be distributed or manufactured by producing high-quality masters, in CD form, DDP images, vinyl lacquers or digital files. It's in mastering that all mixes are fine-tuned so they can translate well in every type of speaker, where all mixes are balanced and levelled so they can sound related and part of the same record and where all fades and edits are made to produce the final product.

In this digital age where online music stores are a big part of music distribution making sure your music translates well and that it is optimised for every type of format available is also a big part of what mastering is about. We are prepared to master for almost every medium available, be it an audio CD, vinyl or the new "Mastered for iTunes" format.


Our engineer has been mastering music professionally for years, working with both indie and major labels, new bands or known acts, across all music genres. This list is a small sample of the artists, projects and labels that had music mastered by Miguel since 2010.


Capitão Fausto, Manel Cruz, Diogo Piçarra, Ana Moura, Berg, Balla, Mafalda Veiga, João Gil, Sean Riley & The Slowriders, Fernando Daniel, Isaura, S.Pedro, Diabo na Cruz, Jimmy P., Beatriz Pessoa, Noiserv, The Last Internationale (USA), Salto, Best Youth, Mesa, Tatanka, Keep Razors Sharp, Young, O Martim, J-K, Deolinda Kinzimba, 1016, Nuno Ribeiro, Espírito (Tóli César Machado), Monday, D8, Filho da Mãe, Jos Eckert, The Glockenwise, Duquesa, Vaarwell, Mimicat, ZARCO, Bloom (JP Simões), Dom Angelo, Cut Slack, Trêsporcento, Pernas de Alicate, Cavaliers Of Fun, Madrepaz, Tundra, Madame Luci, Ditch Days, The Lemon Lovers, Ganso, Antony Left, The Weatherman, Flamingods (UK), Old Yellow Jack, The Grave Dolls (ES), Roger Plexico, SirAiva, Birds Have Ears (NO), Iman (UK), MLK (ES), dreamweapon, Ricardo Azevedo, We Bless This Mess, malcontent, The Japanese Girl, Tiago Lamy, Throes + The Shine, Mourah, Killimanjaro, Attavara (CH), Soul Richard, Mundo Secreto, IMAGINATION (UK), Barões do Rock, B-leza, Nova, Indian Zephyr, The Bigger Banger Theory, Potions (USA), The Walks, Jibóia, DJ Overule, DJ Mari Ferrari, Berllioz, Per7ume, Armed Rhymery (USA), The Sunflowers, Mother Abyss, Cambraia, Stone Dead, Curinga, STM, Nagelbijter (BE), New Kind Of Mambo, The Mad Moiselle, Stereoboy, Jacie and the Knick Knacks (USA), DJ Daniel Fernandes, The Mean Devils, Bourdon Willie (BE), Lululemon, The Maniacs, ALTO!, Indigo, Starcheck (BE), Mau Amigo, The Loyd, ALF, Booby Trap, Beni Mizrahi, Cacau, LM'C (BR), Vircator, PoSAT, GOAH, Reis da República, Wolfy Lonesome (USA), MEDVSA, Fortunes Fool, Eat Bear, captainHorizon (UK), O Corvo Mudo, Johnny Blues Band, D'Alma, Fight The Swing (USA), SOUQ, FixFire (LU), Unzen Pilot, Vespa, Blind Horny Toads (BE), ASPEN, TrYangle, Meio Irmão, Ricardo Má Sorte, AMBAR, Yakari, Bizous, Nicotina, Xarabanda, Outfilters, Asimov, ZeeSter (BE), Sílvia Barros, Indignu, Benshee, Smartini, Bear Bug, Fears, Renato Dias Trio, The Black Zebra, Little Friend, To All My Friends, Basset Hounds, Homem Em Catarse, Huggs, Os Prana, OIOAI, Hands On Approach...


Universal Music Portugal, Sony Music Portugal, Lovers & Lollypops, Valentim de Carvalho, Warner Music Portugal, Azáfama, NOS/Optimus Discos, FNAC, Vidisco, Farol Música, Lux Records, Monster Jinx, SASG Records, Honeysound, EdiMusic, Munster Records, Les Bons Vivants Records, Edições Convite à Música, Sleazy Records, Spinnin' Records...

Rates & Payments


Per Track Rate
(Up to 10 tracks)


Per Track Rate
(11th and upwards tracks)


DDP Master
(Including DDP Player)


1. At SDB Mastering we charge our mastering services on a per track basis. For single bookings of up to 10 tracks, the rate applied will be €50 for each mastered track/song. For the 11th and upwards tracks, per track rate will be of €35. Single tracks lengthier than 10 minutes may be charged extra. Per track rate is applied to all mastering services, regardless the final audio destination or format. That means you'll pay the same regardless you're releasing your music on CD, Vinyl, Web or all of these formats simultaneously.

2. DDP masters are charged at €40 each. A custom DDP Player application is supplied with each DDP, for both Mac and PC. With our custom DDP Player application you'll be able to listen to the provided DDP, extract WAV files from it, burn an Audio CD reference copy and verify all the master metadata. We can also provide physical CD Audio masters at the same rate, though in this case shipping costs to client location must be added.

3. For vinyl mastering we can provide our clients with master lacquers and reference cuts or dubplates, through one of our partner cutting houses in Europe. Please contact us to get a quote on this.

4. For audio restoration services we have a €50 rate for each 30 minutes of restored audio, as a main rate for restoration jobs. Tape transfers are €50 for each reel and vinyl transfer are €25 for each LP.

Payment methods & conditions

All payments for new clients must be done in advance. We accept payments through credit and debit card with Paypal and, also, international wire transfers.


We can provide a free sample of our work to new costumers, this way they can evaluate our work and services before committing to any payment.



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